Helsinki GSE Cooperation Education Network tests a cross-institutional studies service (RIPA)

Enroll in the following courses in your home university's SISU and the credits will automatically appear in your home university's SISU without the need for a credit transfer application:  

  • All the period 4 and 5 Helsinki GSE Cooperation Education Network courses
  • All the period 4 Helsinki GSE Cooperation Education Network courses
  • All the period 4 Helsinki GSE Cooperation Education Network courses
  • Please click on the link for the list of the Helsinki GSE Cooperation Education Network courses
  • You can filter the courses by the university, the academic period etc.

The Helsinki Graduate School of Economics (Helsinki GSE) Cooperation Education Network includes the Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programs in Economics at Aalto University, the University of Helsinki and Hanken University, as well as the Bachelor's program in Environmental and Food Economy (YET), the Master's program in Agricultural, Environmental and Environmental Resource Economy (AGERE) and the PhD program in Sustainable Use of Renewable Resources (AGFOREE) at the University of Helsinki. Students in these economics programs can take economics courses at the GSE member universities mentioned above. Masters and PhD students in other disciplines can also take courses offered by the network by applying separately: the link to the application form can be found here. Once you have received notification of your right to study in the network, you can follow the instructions below. 

The Helsinki GSE Cooperation Education Network will start testing the so-called cross-institutional studies service (RIPA), through which the GSE member universities can share information about courses and transfer students' personal data to enable cross-study and course enrollment. In practice, this means that as an economics student, you can enroll directly in an economics course organized by another GSE member university in your home university's SISU. Students from other disciplines can also study in the Helsinki GSE network: first apply to join the network and then enroll in a course in your home university’s SISU. When you enrol, you will be granted a study right at the target university and you will receive a user ID (unless you already have an ID for university in question). With the username you can log in to the learning environment (MyCourses/Moodle) of the target university. Once you have completed the course, your achievement will be transferred to your home university's SISU and you can add the course to your own study plan. You can find more detailed instructions below.

  • The course schedule can be found in your home university's SISU or in the target university's SISU, under the Completion methods tab -> Lecture -> Groups and teaching times  
  • Course material can be found in
  • Log in with the username of the target university, for more information on logging into the learning environments click here.
  • Once a course has been completed, there is no need to apply for a credit transfer 
  • The completed credits will appear in your own SISUs, under "My studies”
  • You can add a course to your personal study plan in free edit mode > "Add completed course" > apply for a separate approval for the whole course. 

Need help with RIPA registration? Have a problem? Help is available at: