Microeconomic Analysis 2 (4 cr)

Bachelor's students
Hanken Shool of Economics
Topi Miettinen
Period 1
Contact teaching
Hanken (Helsinki and Vaasa)

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The course departs from the basic case of perfectly competitive markets. The course then proceeds by illustrating case by case how deviations from any of the conditions of perfect competition typically leads to market imperfections and failures , i.e. economic inefficiency and thus societally ineffective outcomes. The course analyses courses of action that market parties, regulators, and the public sector can take to combat these market failures and to improve efficiency. Basics of strategic behavior is presented as well as how it features in (i) various forms of market power, (ii) incomplete and asymmetric information, (iii) provision of public goods, (iv) in interactions with extenal effects such as pollution or CO2 emissions. Students learn to analyse this by means of (i) simple theoretical models, and (ii) corresponding interactived decision making experiments where the students themselves act as market participants. The students also get to analyse the connection between the thus generated data and the theoretical predictions expressed in the simple models. 

This course corresponds to the latter half of the previously offered course "Mikroekonomisk företags- och samhällsanalys 26032/26032-V" (Intermediate microeconomics). 

  • Completion method: contact teaching
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  • Schedule: TBA in August
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Aalto University Students
  • Code: no equivalent code
  • Target groups: BSc
  • Credit points: 4
  • Credit transfer: not recommended for Aalto BSc students since the course content is equivalent to Aalto's mandatory microeconomics course(s)

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Hanken Students
  • Code: 26083
  • Target groups: BSc
  • Credit points: 4
University of Helsinki Students
  • Code: no equivalent code
  • Target groups: BSc
  • Credit points: 4
  • Credit transfer:
    • BSc economics students: please apply for substitution:
      • ECOK-275 TA5 Special Course in Economics Completed Elsewhere 1, 5-6 cr OR
      • ECOK-276 TA5 Special Course in Economics Completed Elsewhere 2, 5-6 cr
    • YET students: Before taking and completing this course make sure that the credits can be counted towards your degree by checking which courses are included in your curriculum or which courses could be substituted with the Aalto/Hanken courses. You can also contact your planning officer Simo Riikonen (firstname.lastname@helsinki.fi).

Further instructions can be found here.

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • indentify the charasteristics of competitive markets
  • analyse how departures from competitive markets lead to societal and market inefficiency
  •  evaluate societal value of markets
  • identify ways how societies can combat market failures and improve societal outcomes of markets
  • solve simple microeconomic models and derive theoretical predictions
  • relate predictions to simple data and evalute whether and to which extent outcomes are predicted by theories
  • recognize the role of controlled experimentation in evaluating causal effects of policy changes