International Trade (6 cr)

Master’s students Research Master's students PhD students
Aalto University
Pablo Warnes
Period 2
Contact teaching
Otaniemi campus

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This course studies the determinants and effects of international trade and investment. We start with the classical models of trade theory, including the Ricardian theory of comparative advantage and the Heckscher Ohlin model. We then cover more modern trade models that incorporate economies of scale and imperfect competition. When presenting each theoretical model, we examine how they fare relative to the data, and contextualize them with specific empirical examples. In the last part of the course, we examine trade policy. We study the effects of different types of trade policies and ask what would be the optimal trade policies. Time permitting, we will also discuss the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on international trade.

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The course introduces the students to international trade theory and applied (empirical) trade economics at the level required for applied economists. It also provides a basic foundation of knowledge in international trade theory for more advanced PhD level courses.