Advanced Macroeconomics 1 (5 cr)

Research Master's students PhD students
University of Helsinki - Economics
Oskari Vähämaa
Period 1
Contact teaching
Economicum building

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This course introduces students to macroeconomics and dynamic economic analysis at the graduate level, focusing on the workhorse models of economic growth. It starts with the Solow growth model, moving on to cover the deterministic version of the neoclassical growth model, both in discrete and continuous times, and solves it using an infinite horizon Lagrangian/Hamiltonian. The course introduces dynamic programming and value function iteration methods and compares them with the above-mentioned methods in the same model environment. The interaction of different generations is analyzed using the basic overlapping generations model. Finally, a short introduction to endogenous technological change is given.

  • Completion method: contact teaching
    • streaming will be only available to the FDPE students at their own universities, for more infromation please contact Jenni Rytkonen, jenni.rytkonen [at]
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Aalto University Students
  • Code: ECON-L3100
  • Target groups: PhD / rMSc
  • Credit points: 5
  • Credit transfer: apply for substitution in Sisu
Hanken Students
  • Code: 26049

  • Target groups: PhD / rMSc / MSc

  • Credit points: 5

  • Credit transfer: apply for substitution in Sisu

University of Helsinki Students
  • Code: COM-R312

  • Target groups: PhD / rMSc

  • Credit points: 5

FDPE Students Students
  • Target groups: PhD

  • Credit points: please check your curriculum

  • Credit transfer: please apply for credit transfer according to your home university's procedures

After the course, the student should:

  • Understand and be able to reproduce the deterministic version of the Ramsey-Cass-Koopman macroeconomic model, in both discrete and continuous time (infinite horizon Lagrangian and Hamiltonian techniques) 
  • Be able to solve the models with dynamic programming and value function iteration methods and understand the advantages of the model over the Lagrangian/Hamiltonian structures
  • Understand how the baseline overlapping generation model can be used to analyze the interactions between different generations