Essays on Economic Preferences and Social Mobility: Evidence from India

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  • On October 24th Anustup Kundu will defend his dissertation “Essays on Economic Preferences and Social Mobility: Evidence from India” at the University of Helsinki.

    The dissertation is collection of three essays in the fields of behavioural economics and development economics. The first essay examines why the demand for microinsurance, which is one of the key instruments in addressing the risk and vulnerability of economic shocks for low-income households in the global south, is so puzzlingly low by delving into behavioural factors such as risk and time preference. The second essay empirically examines the proclamation in general economic theory that preferences are temporally stable. The third essay examines a question of long-standing interest among social scientists -the degree to which socioeconomic status is transmitted from parent to offspring. 

    Anustup will be in the 2022–2023 academic job market.