Helsinki GSE – The Best in Economics Combined

Helsinki Graduate School of Economics is an academic initiative bringing together three Finnish universities – Aalto University, Hanken School of Economics, and University of Helsinki. We are building on and extending the cooperation between our departments and third-parties.


By joining the forces of three universities, our mission is to produce outstanding research with maximum academic and social impact – both nationally and internationally, to attract and educate the next generation of world-class economists and to offer excellent training across disciplinary borders.


Our ambition is to be consistently recognized both as one of the top institutions for research and education in Economics and as a significant force for developing society.


Helsinki GSE’s objectives are

  1. to develop, co-ordinate, and carry out international top class research and education in economics,
  2. to interact with universities, research institutes, and public and private entities engaged in research in economics both internationally and nationally, in particular by also increasing cooperation between economics and other scientific disciplines, and
  3. to promote the societal and global impact of research in economics.


Academic Director:
Professor Otto Toivanen, Aalto University
otto.toivanen at

Deputy Academic Director:
Professor Hannu Vartiainen, University of Helsinki
hannu.vartiainen at


Erkki Liikanen, chair

Rune Stenbacka, vice chair

Jorma Ollila

Kristiina Mäkelä

Juuso Välimäki

Heidi Schauman

Teemu Pekkarinen

Hannu Nieminen

Paula Eerola

Anni Huhtala

Oskari Nokso-Koivisto, secretary of the board


Jenni Rytkönen or

Helsinki GSE