Matlab Camp 2024

Research Master's students PhD students
University of Helsinki - Economics
Niku Määttänen and Antti Ripatti
Period 1
Contact teaching
Economicum, sr 3-4

Matlab camp provides an introduction to the Matlab (and alike) software. Matlab will be the programming language/environment that is used in Advanced Macroeconomics 3 & 4 courses. 

The course is very much a "hands on" course. This means that lectures contain exercises and that you should bring your own computer to the lectures. However, the course will be streamed, too. For more information, please register for the course in Moodle. The first module you should learn yourself. Allocate 1-2 days for that!

  • The course will contain three modules:
    1. You should learn the basics of Matlab yourself. This means that you should carefully study the material in the section "A brief introduction to Matlab" (see below; and also section "Learn Matlab and Dynare at your own pace"). It explains the basic features. The only way to learn programming is by playing with the code, ie coding yourself by modifying and running the code and trying to understand why it does what it does. Help/doc pages are informative. 
    2. On Tuesday 9 Jan (sh 3-4) we will study Dynare, which is a Matlab library (and a parser) to solving dynamic economic models (with aggregate shocks). This part is taught by Antti Ripatti
    3. On Wednesday 10 Jan (sh 3-4) we will study value function iterations. This part is taught by Niku Määttänen.

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