On 16 September, MSc Alexis Stevenson will defend his doctoral dissertation “Essays on the Economics of Patent Rights: Measuring the value of patents using renewal information”.

The dissertation is a collection of three empirical essays in the fields of industrial organisation and economics of innovation.

Alexis’ work builds on the literature of patent renewal models to develop new methods to estimate the value of patent rights. The first essay provides measures of the private value of patents granted to companies in Finland as well as an estimate of the returns to R&D for Finnish companies. The second essay extends the standard dynamic stochastic model of renewal decisions to explore the dynamic link between forward patent citations and patent value. The third essay provides, in a counterfactual analysis, key insights on the welfare effects of the introduction of the Unitary patent for inventors and consumers in Europe.

After his defence, Alexis will continue to work for the Directorate-General for Competition (DG COMP) of the European Commission on ex-post economic evaluation of competition policy.

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