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Helsinki GSE organizes itself through research groups. Each research group is responsible for promoting and developing cooperation within the Helsinki GSE community in its research area.

Helsinki GSE Master’s programs offer a wide selection of courses covering all the main fields of economics. Our courses enable our students to learn the essential core of economics at an advanced level, while providing them with the possibility to tailor their education according to their specific interests.

Helsinki GSE students can take courses from each of the three departments. The listing below represents our current course offering covering all the Helsinki GSE universities.


September 30, 2019

Doctoral Defence: “Endogenous Technological Progress and the Macroeconomy: Stagnation, Low Interest Rates and the Productivity Slowdown”

On October 18th, M. Sc. (Econ.) Michaela Schmöller will defend her doctoral thesis "Endogenous Technological Progress and the Macroeconomy: Stagnation, Low Interest Rates and the Productivity Slowdown". Schmöller studies the role of endogenous technology growth in macroeconomics and the sources behind the currently observed slowdown in productivity. Her work focuses on explaining deep recessions and episodes of secular stagnation. Schmöller's work contributes to the literature on macroeconomics and departs from the standard paradigm in two central aspects: Firstly, by incorporating endogenous technology growth and, secondly, by accounting for nonlinearities, above all the zero lower bound constraint on nominal interest rates. Her dissertation points out that deficient aggregate demand may, against the conventional view, also transmit to aggregate supply by weighing down technology-enhancing investments. Hence, subdued demand may depress the economy's longer-term growth prospects, blurring the lines between cyclical fluctuations and…

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