Labor Economics Research Group

Labor Economics Research Group

How does an increase in unemployment benefits affect the length of unemployment? How does child care support affect the decision of mothers take a job? Are minorities discriminated in the labor market? Does more education reduce crime? How to best integrate immigrants? What are the social as opposed to private benefits of educating more engineers? What are the social and economic consequences of job loss? Does job protection increase or decrease unemployment?

Labor economics seeks to answer questions such as those above. More generally, labor economists study the functioning of labor markets, and how different regulations affect labor market outcomes, such as the number and type of people employed, the wages they earn, and the kind of jobs they get.

The academically most interesting questions in labor economics are almost invariably also highly relevant from a policy perspective. Modern labor economists use increasingly detailed and large data sets, conduct randomized controlled trials, and employ sophisticated econometric tools to provide answers to causal questions.

Manuel Bagues, professor

Kristiina Huttunen, research professor

Mika Kortelainen

Tomi Kyyrä, research professor

Tuomas Pekkarinen, research professor

Matti Sarvimäki, assistant professor

Marko Terviö, professor

Roope Uusitalo, professor, Chair of the group

Natalya Zinovyeva, assistant professor

Pekka Ilmakunnas, emeritus professor


Cecilia Borgman, PhD student

Aino Kalmbach, PhD student

Claudia Troccoli, PhD student

Juuso Mäkinen, PhD student

Lassi Tervonen, PhD student

Laura Jernström, PhD student

Maarit Olkkola, PhD student

Martti Kaila, PhD student

Ramin Izadi, PhD student

Salla Simola, PhD student

Tolga Benzer, PhD student

  1. Huttunen Kristiina and Krista Riukula, “Parental Job Loss and Children's Schooling Choices”
  2. Gathmann, Christina, Kristiina Huttunen Laura Jernström, Lauri Sääksvuori and Robin Stitzing “Job Loss and Health Spillovers in the Family”
  3. Huttunen, Kristiina, Tuomas Pekkarinen, Roope Uusitalo and Hanna Virtanen: “Lost Boys: Entry to Post Compulsory Education and Crime”
  4. Fredriksson, Peter, Kristiina Huttunen  and Björn Öckert “Maternal Age and Birth Outcomes.”
  5. Gruber, Jonathan, Kristiina Huttunen and Tuomas Kosonen “Home Care Allowance and Child Outcomes”
  6. Pekkarinen, Tuomas; Roope Uusitalo; Kristiina Huttunen; Matti Sarvimäki ”Oma linja, preventing social exclusion” 
  7. Uusitalo Roope; Mika Kortelainen ”Education, skills and the future of work”

Labor and Public Economics Seminar

Labor Economics Research Group organizes jointly with Public Economics Research Group a biweekly seminar on Tuesdays. VATT seminar on Thursdays covers frequently topics related to group activities.


Labor and Public PhD Student Workshop

  • Time: 17.5.2019 Fri
  • Place: Helsinki, Arkadiankatu 7, Economicum building, seminar room 1
  • Programme (PDF, revised May 10)