Helsinki GSE research groups

Helsinki GSE Research Groups

Helsinki GSE organizes itself through research groups. Each research group is responsible for promoting and developing cooperation within the Helsinki GSE community in its research area.

A research group carries out activities in all academic dimensions; in teaching, research collaboration, and interaction with the society. The objective of the structure is to guarantee interaction and collaboration of Helsinki GSE faculty members and students based on academic interests, regardless of institutional affiliation. Each faculty member joins at least one research group.

The research groups coordinate Masters and PhD level teaching in the Helsinki GSE community. They will, in particular, develop course contents and curricula in their respective fields. The groups will also organize and run reading/study groups and student workshops.


Comprehensive research support

One of the key tasks of a research group is to take responsibility for the supervision, mentoring, and guidance of Helsinki GSE PhD students. Each PhD student signs up with a research group and presents his/her work regularly in PhD workshops. Research supervision is a collective activity within a research group. Research MSc students, starting from the 2nd year of their studies, will also participate in the activities of the research groups.

Research groups are responsible for enhancing research activities in their fields by running seminars, forming research projects, and raising research funding. The groups will host visitors and enhance contacts with the external research community both within economics and across scientific disciplines.

The research groups also form the interface between Helsinki GSE and society at large. Research groups are the natural contact point of media on research activities taking place in Helsinki GSE. To this end, research groups will actively communicate their activities in their respective websites.


Research groups

Currently Helsinki GSE divides itself into the following research groups that may have subgroups under specific research areas.