Helsinki GSE courses

Helsinki GSE Courses

Helsinki GSE Master’s programs offer a wide selection of courses covering all the main fields of economics. Our courses enable our students to learn the essential core of economics at an advanced level, while providing them with the possibility to tailor their education according to their specific interests.

Helsinki GSE students can take courses from each of the three departments. The listing below represents our current course offering covering all the Helsinki GSE universities. The following course codes are specified by department: Aalto University (31EXXXXX), Hanken School of Economics (26XXX), and University of Helsinki (ECOM-XXXX).

Applied Microeconometrics I ECOM-413 26003 31E0090
Applied Microeconometrics II   26018 31E00920
Microeconomics: Pricing   26016 31E11100
Microeconomics: Industrial Organization ECOM-429 2695 31E13000
Macroeconomics: Policy   26038 31E23000
Open Economy Macroeconomics ECOM-436 2698 31E00600
Macroeconomics of Labor Markets ECOM-433 2699 31E01400
Labor Economics ECOM-432 26012 31E00700
Topics in Labor Economics     31E00710
Development economics I ECOM-420 26010 31E15000
Development economics II ECOM-421 26011 31E16000
International Trade ECOM-430 2696 31E00500
Resource and Environmental Economics ECOM-437 26008 31E01800
History of Economic Growth and Crises ECOM-428 26020 31E40100
Economics of Science and Innovation     31E40200
Investment Decisions in Emerging Markets ECOM-431 26036 31E03000
Topics in Economics     31E03100
Capstone: Microeconomic Policy   26017 31E99906
Master’s Thesis 1     31E99910
Master’s Thesis Seminar     31E99905
Maturity Test     31E99903
Capstone Courses: Economics     31E99904
Economics Studies at Another University     31E09900
Behavioral and Experimental Economics ECOM-416 26037 31E09300
Competition Economics ECOM-418 26033 31E09300
Economics Studies Completed at Hanken     31E09300
Money and Banking   26035  
Applied Empirical Methods in Economics   26031  
Applied Microeconomics   26034  
Contract Theory ECOM-419 26027 31E09100
Money and Monetary Policy ECOM-434 2697 31E09100
Globalization and Growth ECOM-427 26006 31E09100
Search Theory ECOM-438   31E09100
Applied Macroeconometrics 1 ECOM-413 26002 31E09100
Applied Macroeconometrics 2 ECOM-414 26027 31E09100
Applied Macroeconometrics 1 (1) ECOM-411   31E09100
Applied Macroeconometrics 2 (1) ECOM-412   31E09100
Macroeconomics 1 ECOM-G312 2693 31E09100
Macroeconomics 2 ECOM-G313 2694 31E09100
Microeconomics 1 ECOM-G310   31E09100
Microeconomics 2 ECOM-G311   31E09100
Econometrics 1 ECOM-G314 2689  
Econometrics 2 ECOM-G315 2690  
Economics Studies Completed at the University of Helsinki     31E09100
Public Economics ECOM-439    
Microeconomics 1: Decision Theory ECOM-R310 62639
Microeconomics 2: Uncertainty and General Equilibrium ECOM-R311  
Microeconomics 3: Game Theory ECOM-R316  
Microeconomics 4: Information Economics ECOM-R317  
Macroeconomics 1: Introduction to Dynamic General Equilibrium Models ECOM-R312  
Macroeconomics 2: Stochastic Recursive Macroeconomic Models ECOM-R313  
Macroeconomics 3: Business Cycles ECOM-R318  
Macroeconomics 4: Monetary Policy and Business Cycles ECOM-R319  
Econometrics 1: Econometric Methods I ECOM-R314  
Econometrics 2: Econometric Methods II ECOM-R315  
Econometrics 3: Microeconometrics ECOM-R320  
Econometrics 4: Time Series Econometrics ECOM-R321  
Math Camp: 19.–29.8.2019, 30.8. exam ECOM-R321