Macroeconomics Research Group

Behavioral Economics & Consumer Behaviour

Are fast-loan markets undermining or promoting welfare? How should information about prices and product characteristics be provided to consumers? How does the framing of the offer influence sales and perceptions about quality? What if consumers make consumption choices that are self-harming, how should such markets be regulated in order to promote well-functioning markets and welfare?

The inter-dependencies between competition and consumer policy have been increasingly recognized by academics and policy makers alike. Even in Finland consumer policy authorities, on the one hand, and competition policy authorities, on the other hand, merged under the same roof when The Finnish Competition and Consumer Policy Authority was established in 2013. Behavioural economics and consumer research are key to understanding the connections between competition and consumer policies, since this research aims at understanding and quantifying the sometimes irrational (in the sense of self-harming) decision making by consumers thus providing tools for integrating consumer protection and competition policy analysis. Under the umbrella of “behavioral economics & consumer behavior”, these and related questions are being studied.


Jaakko Aspara, Professor of marketing and consumer behavior

Marja-Liisa Halko, Lecturer

Kaisa Kotakorpi, Research professor

Simon Lapointe, Post-doctoral Researcher

Peter H. Matthews, Distinguished visiting professor

Topi Miettinen, Chair of the group 

Jukka Pirttilä, Professor

Lauri Sääksvuori, Senior researcher

Erik Wengström, Hanken visiting professor 2018-19



Tuomas Nurminen, PhD Student

Satu Metsälampi, PhD Student