Industrial Organization

Examples of questions that economists specializing in Industrial Organization (IO) analyze include but are not limited to the following:

• Market power and strategic interaction: What does market power mean, how is it created, and how is it sustained? What does strategic interaction between firms mean? How do market power and strategic interaction between firms affect market outcomes?

• Mergers and collusion: Why do firms merge? How many cartels are there, and how harmful are they? What does it mean when firms collude tacitly?

• Pricing and market entry and exit: How should a multiproduct-firm price its products? How does the entry of a new competitor affect pricing? Why and when do new firms enter and some firms exit?

• Innovation and research and development (R&D): What determines how much a firm is willing to invest in R&D? Should the government subsidize the R&D activities of firms and if so, how and by how much? What is the relationship between competition and innovation?

• Regulation and competition policy: Who benefits and who loses when a market is liberalized? When should a competition authority allow a given proposed merger? How can a competition authority deter collusion?

Industrial Organization Research Group

IO is the analysis of market imperfections and imperfectly competitive markets – meaning most if not all real-world markets. Whether you want to understand how well a market works from the point of consumers, firms, employees or the taxpayer (government), IO tools are indispensable for your analysis. IO blends economic theory, knowledge of institutions and empirical methods to address real world questions that are relevant for business and policy.


Activities of Industrial Organization Research Group

Phd Tuesday-seminars and workshops (December/May): These seminars/workshops offer our Phd students an opportunity to present their preliminary research ideas as well as ongoing research projects.

  • If you are a Phd student at GSE and would like to present in the seminar/workshop, please contact Dr. Elias Einiö ( who is the organizer of these seminars/workshops. Kindly note that it is a good practice to always agree with your supervisor about the possible presentation & its topic before you volunteer to present.

IO seminar: We organize approximately once a month a IO field seminar, with speakers coming typically from abroad. For more information, kindly contact Dr. Geert van Moer and Dr. Jiekai Zhang (

IO reading group: We organize approximately once a month an IO reading group (in the form of a lunch seminar). Kindly contact Dr. Tanja Saxell or Dr. Markku Siikanen ( if you would like to participate in the reading group.

Industrial Organization Reading Group


Ari Hyytinen

Chair of the group, Professor
ari.hyytinen at

Susmita Baulia

Member, Affiliated Postdoctoral Researcher
susmita.baulia at

Riku Buri

Member, PhD student
riku.buri at

Lu Cheng

Member, PhD student
lu.cheng at

Elias Einiö

Member, Chief Researcher
elias.einio at

Peter Elmgren

Member, PhD student
peter.elmgren at

Milla Hägg

Member, PhD student
milla.hagg at

Jan Jääskeläinen

Member, PhD student
jan.jaaskelainen at

Yasir Khan

Member, PhD student
yasir.khan at

Mika Kortelainen

Member, Professor
mika.kortelainen at

Marita Laukkanen

Member, Chief Researcher
marita.laukkanen at

Matti Liski

Member, Professor
matti.liski at

Jaakko Markkanen

Member, PhD student
jaakko.m.markkanen at

Tuomas Markkula

Member, PhD student
tuomas.markkula at

Amin Mohazab

Member, PhD student
amin.mohazabrahimzadeh at

Olga Neselevska

Member, PhD student
o.neselevska at

Eero Nurmi

Member, PhD student
eero.nurmi at

Janna Öberg

Member, PhD student
janna.oberg at

Aleksi Paavola

Member, PhD student
aleksi.m.paavola at

Matias Pietola

Member, Affiliated / visiting
matias.pietola at

Atte Pudas

Member, PhD student
atte.pudas at

Staffan Ringbom

Member, University Lecturer
staffan.ringbom at

Elyas Saif

Member, PhD student
elyas.saif at

Tanja Saxell

Member, Senior researcher
tanja.saxell at

Markku Siikanen

Member, Senior Researcher
markku.siikanen at

Vesa-Heikki Soini

Member, Postdoctoral Researcher
vesa-heikki.soini at

Rune Stenbacka

Member, Professor
rune.stenbacka at

Alexis Stevenson

Member, PhD student
alexis.stevenson at

Tuomas Takalo

Member, Senior Adviser
tuomas.takalo at

Otto Toivanen

Member, Professor
otto.toivanen at

Janne Tukiainen

Member, Associate Research Professor
janne.tukiainen at

Geert Van Moer

Member, Assistant Professor
geert.vanmoer at

Iivo Vehviläinen

Member, Staff Researcher
iivo.vehvilainen at

Joosua Virtanen

Member, PhD student
joosua.virtanen at

Katia Vozian

Member, PhD student
katia.vozian at

Maria Wang

Member, PhD student at

Joakim Wikström

Member, PhD student
joakim.wikstrom at

Jiekai Zhang

Member, Assistant professor
jiekai.zhang at

Karen Zhang

Member, Postdoctoral Researcher
hongya.zhang at

Upcoming Seminars

18 Sep 2019

Industrial Organization

Consumers’ costly responses to product-harm crises (with Rosa Ferrer)

  • Helena Perrone
  • University of Mannheim

25 Sep 2019

Industrial Organization

Privacy Regulation and Quality Investment (with Ying Lei Toh)

  • Yassine Lefouili
  • Tolouse School of Economics

2 Oct 2019

Industrial Organization

The Herfindahl-Hirschman index and the distribution of social surplus

  • Yossi Spiegel
  • Tel Aviv

10 Dec 2019

Industrial Organization

Industrial Organization PhD Workshop

  • See program

9 Oct 2019

Industrial Organization

Industrial Organization Student Presentations

  • open

13 Nov 2019

Industrial Organization

Industrial Organization Student Presentations


27 Nov 2019

Industrial Organization

A Theory of Must-Have (with Enrique Ide)

  • Juan-Pablo Montero
  • PUC-Chile

20 Nov 2019

Industrial Organization

Product proliferation as entry deterrence: the case of UK pharmaceuticals

  • Farasat Bokhai
  • East Anglia

26 Feb 2020

Industrial Organization

Vertical Contracting with Endogenous Market Structure

  • Markus Reisinger
  • Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

12 Feb 2020

Industrial Organization

  • IO student presentation seminar

9 Jun 2020

Industrial Organization

IO PhD Student Workshop (moved from 18-19.5)

  • IO PhD Student Workshop

10 Jun 2020

Industrial Organization

IO PhD Student Workshop (moved from 18-19.5)

  • IO PhD Student Workshop

11 Nov 2020

Industrial Organization

GENERALIZED LINEAR COMPETITION: From pass-through to policy

  • Robert Ritz
  • University of Cambridge

25 Nov 2020

Industrial Organization

Artificial Intelligence: Can Seemingly Collusive Outcomes Be Avoided?

  • Xavier Lambin
  • Grenoble Ecole de Management

28 Oct 2020

Industrial Organization

Estimating the potential effect of multi market contact on the intensity of competition

  • Alon Eizenberg
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem

31 Mar 2021

Industrial Organization

Bidding and Investment in Wholesale Electricity Markets: Pay-as-Bid versus Uniform-Price (with Yueting Yu)

  • Bert Willems
  • Tilburg University

29 Sep 2021

Industrial Organization

Evaluation of bidding groups in first-price auctions

  • Christine Zulehner
  • University of Vienna

12 May 2021

Industrial Organization

Impact evaluation of start-up innovation policies: evidence from a natural experiment

  • Michele Cantarella
  • University of Helsinki

13 Oct 2021

Industrial Organization

Quality Regulation and Competition: Evidence from Pharmaceutical Markets

  • Morten Saethre
  • NHH

10 Nov 2021

Industrial Organization

Colluding Against Environmental Regulation

  • Mathias Reynaert
  • TSE

8 Dec 2021

Industrial Organization

Strategic advance sales and deterrence with heterogenous firms (with Henry Thille)

  • Sébastien Mitraille
  • Toulouse Business School

24 Nov 2021

Industrial Organization

Direct-to-Consumers Sales by Manufacturers and Bargaining

  • Andre Trindade
  • Brazilian School of Economics

4 May 2022

Industrial Organization

Slotting allowances and exclusion on a level playing field

  • Teis Lunde Lømo
  • HVL Bergen and BECCLE

7 Dec 2021

Industrial Organization

Industrial Organization PhD Workshop

9 Mar 2022

Industrial Organization


  • CANCELED! Jorge Alé-Chilet (Bar-Ilan University)

18 May 2022

Industrial Organization

Common Ownership and Market Entry: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Jo Seldeslachts (DIW Berlin and University of Leuven)

18 May 2022

Industrial Organization

IO PhD Workshop

13 Apr 2022

Industrial Organization

Proliferation in the ETF industry

  • Simon Martin (DICE)
Helsinki GSE