Helsinki GSE coronavirus update

March 16, 2020

Dear students


Helsinki GSE has decided to cancel all the research Master – lectures & exercise sessions until further notice due to the Korona-virus outbreak. In so doing we at the GSE have your health foremost on our minds. This decision is in line with the guidelines issued by the universities and has been made after consulting the administrations of the universities.


The specific guidelines vary by university. Therefore, for all other Helsinki GSE MSc courses, the policy is to follow the guidelines of the host university, as implemented by the teacher in question. Helsinki GSE will seek to inform students of the development of the situation, but encourages students to follow the websites of the host universities, and those of the individual courses to have as up-to-date information as possible.


We appreciate that you are anxious about how and when we can replace the lectures, what will happen to course schedules, and so on.


University guidelines uniformly state that universities will move to provide distance learning material, without unfortunately any guidance to teachers as to how to produce or distribute such material.

Helsinki GSE has already started work on these issues, and will strive to provide you distance learning material as soon as possible.


Invariably, coming up with solutions may take some time, so we ask for your patience. We will keep you up-to-date.


Please send any questions you may have relating to the technicalities to, and




Otto Toivanen

Academic Director

Helsinki Graduate School of Economics