Doctoral defence: ”Essays in Labor and Political Economics”

November 17, 2020

On November 20th, MSc (Econ) Salla Simola will defend her doctoral thesis ”Essays in Labor and Political Economics”.

The thesis contains an introductory chapter and three essays. In the first essay, Simola examines the contributions of firm- and worker-specific factors to the increase in wage inequality in Finland. In the second essay, Simola documents how polarisation in speech between the political left and right evolves in the Finnish parliament for more than a hundred years’ period between 1907 and 2018. In the third essay, Simola studies together with her coauthor Amelia Hawkins (Assistant Professor, Brandeis University) the employment consequences and tradeoffs that follow from tying a firm’s Disability Insurance (DI) tax payments to the DI claims of the firm’s own workers.

Salla Simola works as a Data Scientist at Storytel, Stockholm.