Doctoral defence: “Competition and Coordination”

June 26, 2020

On June 30th, M.AcctgFin. Yi Zheng will defend her doctoral thesis “Competition and Coordination”. Zheng studies how markets work and how market participants, both firms and consumers, interact with each other and jointly determine market performance. Zheng discusses the incentives of market participants, either competitive, (non-)cooperative or coordinative.

The thesis consists of four articles. The first article points out a novel cause of market inefficiency in competitive markets and proposes a coordinative solution to the problem. The following three articles contribute to the literature on industrial organizational and public choice theories by studying corporate social responsibility. The second article studies the role of socially responsible actions in a lobbying contest. Firms’ investment in corporate social responsibility, for example, on environmental protection or animal rights, is proved to be a strategic action that effectively reduces lobbying costs and improves welfare. The final two articles study boycotts. Zheng examines how consumers’ behaviour that is driven by environmental concerns can jointly cause a change in firms’ behaviour towards more socially responsible actions, and how firms choose their best reactions to deal with boycotts.

Zheng will join the Faculty of Law at the University of Helsinki as a post-doctoral researcher. Her work will focus on corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.