D.Soc.Sc Annika Lindblad granted the OP Financial Group Research Foundation’s Doctoral Thesis Award

February 1, 2021

The OP Financial Group Research Foundation has given its annual Doctoral Thesis Award. PhD in Economics Annika Lindblad received a 5000€ award for her dissertation “Evaluating Macro-Finance Interactions Using Mixed Frequency Methods” that was approved in University of Helsinki.

Lindblad’s doctoral thesis consists of three independent articles that examine how macroeconomic variables influence financial market volatility and correlations using mixed frequency time series methods.

Besides Lindblad, Mika Hannula, D.Sc (Econ.), was awarded for 5000€ for the thesis “Essays on Strategic Trading” approved at Turku School of Economics.

The mission of OP Financial Group Research Foundation is to promote and support research in economics and business. The recognition award is granted to persons who have demonstrated exceptional creativity as a researcher and who can be expected to achieve significant results also in the future.