Helsinki GSE Professor Appointments

Professors Otto Toivanen and Hannu Vartiainen are taking the lead of Helsinki Graduate School of Economics. The school faculty additionally expands with five new professor and assistant professor appointments, along with a new professorship enabled by Yrjö Jahnsson Foundation’s donation.


Jukka Pirttilä And Roope Uusitalo Appointed Professors

Jukka Pirttilä and Roope Uusitalo have been appointed professors at Helsinki GSE. Pirttilä and Uusitalo bring further strength to GSE’s public economics and labor economics research groups. Pirttilä and Uusitalo’s appointments are at University of Helsinki, and joint with VATT Institute for Economic Research. Pirttilä’s research focuses on optimal taxation, empirical analysis of tax systems, and public sector economics for developing countries. Uusitalo's current research interests are related to changes in skill demands in the labor market and the ability of education systems to provide graduate the required skills.


Tuukka Saarimaa Appointed Assistant Professor

Tuukka Saarimaa has been appointed assistant professor at Helsinki GSE. Saarimaa specializes in urban economics. Saarimaa’s current research interests are in the effects of social housing and transfer and property taxation. His appointment is an example of GSE’s objective to facilitate the use of economics in other disciplines, as his appointment at Aalto University is shared between the Economics Department at Aalto University School of Business and the Department of Built Environment a Aalto School of Engineering. The professorship in urban economics is funded by the cities of Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen and Vantaa, Local Finland (Kuntaliitto, the association of Finnish municipalities) and public sector pension fund Keva.


Ari Hyytinen Appointed Professor of Economics

Ari Hyytinen has been appointed professor of economics at Helsinki GSE. Hyytinen specializes in applied microeconomic research, with an emphasis on economics of industrial organization and entrepreneurship. Hyytinen’s appointment is at Hanken School of Economics. Ari’s current research projects deal with entrepreneurship, labor market outcomes of inventors, and competition restrictions.


Geert Van Moer Appointed Assistant Professor of Economics

Geert Van Moer has been appointed assistant professor of economics at Helsinki GSE. Van Moer’s research field is industrial organization. His research interests are competition economics, firm organization and market structure, financial markets, and the economics of energy with a focus on electricity. Van Moer’s appointment is at Hanken School of Economics.


Otto Toivanen and Hannu Vartiainen to Head Helsinki GSE

Professors Otto Toivanen (Aalto University) and Hannu Vartiainen (University of Helsinki) have been appointed to head the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics. Both Toivanen and Vartiainen have extensive experience in managing research organizations. The research interests of Toivanen center around competition, innovation and regulation. He combines economic theory, detailed data and econometric methods in his research. Vartiainen is a microeconomic theorist. His research concerns game theory and mechanism design.


Yrjö Jahnsson Foundation Makes A Donation

The Yrjö Jahnsson Foundation has made a large donation to Helsinki GSE. This donation is used to establish the Yrjö Jahnsson professorship in economics at University of Helsinki.