How the credits are registered?

How the credits are registered in the student’s home university’s study register:

  • When the examiner has evaluated the students’ course performance, the grades are registered in the study register of the course’s host university.
  • If the student is studying at one of the HelsinkiGSE member universities (other than the host university) Economics as her/his major (including AGERE program), the credits are transferred to the universities’ study registers by the administration of the universities. Please note that the credit transfer may take some time (weeks) because the process is manual. If you are in a hurry (graduating or something like that), please contact Helsinki GSE’s coordinator Jenni Rytkönen ( Please note also that the credits are transferred by the administration only from the academic year 2019-2020 onwards. If you have completed courses included in the HelsinkiGSE cooperation before that and the credits have not been registered for you yet at your home university, please send your official transcript of records from Aalto/Hanken/UH to your home university, so that the credits can be transferred.
  • All the other students must ask for a transcript of records from the course host university in order to transfer the credits to their home university. The approval of the credit transfer is done according to home university’s procedures.
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