Helsinki GSE Faculty

Helsinki GSE faculty is organized into research groups. From the alphabetic listing below you can browse our faculty members by category, view the research groups they belong to, and continue to their personal websites for further details.

Name Fields of interest Research Group
Manuel Bagues
Professor, Aalto
Labour economics, economics of education, political economy Labor Economics, Public Economics
Pertti Haaparanta
Professor, Aalto
International economics Macroeconomics
Kristiina Huttunen
Research Professor, VATT
Labour economics, family economics, economics of crime Labor economics
Ari Hyytinen
Professor, Hanken
  Industrial Organization
Pekka Ilmakunnas
Emeritus Professor, Aalto
Labor economics, industrial economics Labor Economics
Kaisa Kotakorpi
Research Professor, VATT
  Public Economics
Klaus Kultti
Professor, UH
Microfoundations of money Microeconomics
Tomi Kyyrä
Research Professor, VATT
Labor economics, public economics Labor Economics
Markku Lanne
Professor, UH
Macroeconometrics, financial econometrics Econometrics
Svetlana Ledyaeva
Professor, Aalto
International economics and business, political economy, environmental economics, applied econometrics  
Matti Liski
Professor, Aalto
Energy, natural resources, dynamic markets, market design Microeconomics
Jani Luoto
Professor, UH
Bayesian econometrics, Macroeconometrics Econometrics
Mika Meitz
Professor, UoH
Econometrics, Time Series Analysis Econometrics
Topi Miettinen
Professor, Hanken
Behavioral economics, experimental economics, game theory Public economics, Microeconomics
Geert Van Moer
Assistant Professor, Hanken
Competition economics, firm organization and market structure, financial markets, energy Industrial Organization
Pauli Murto
Professor, Aalto
Microeconomic theory, economics of information, investment Microeconomics
Tapio Palokangas
Professor, UH
Economic growth and cycles, differential games, international macroeconomics Macroeconomics
Yao Pan
Professor, Aalto
Development economics and labor economics Labor Economics
Tuomas Pekkarinen
Research Professor, VATT
  Labor Economics
Jukka Pirttilä
Professor, UH
Public economics, development economics Public economics
Matti Pohjola
Professor, Aalto
Economic growth, productivity, technological change, information and communications technology Macroeconomics
Antti Ripatti
Professor, UH
Macroeconomics, monetary economics, econometrics Macroeconomics, Econometrics
Tuukka Saarimaa
Professor, Aalto
Housing Economics, urban Economics, local public finance, political economics Public Economics
Matti Sarvimäki
Professor, Aalto
Labor economics, economic history, economics of education Labor Economics
Rune Stenbacka
Professor, Hanken
Industrial organization, competition economics, banking, labor markets Industrial Organization
Marko Terviö
Professor, Aalto
Labor economics, economics of talent and learning Labor Economics, Microeconomics
Otto Toivanen
Professor, Aalto
Industrial organization, innovation Industrial Organization
Roope Uusitalo
Professor, UH
  Labor Economics, Public Economics
Hannu Vartiainen
Professor, UH
Game theory, mechanism design, decision theory Microeconomics
Juuso Välimäki
Professor, Aalto
Microeconomic theory, economics of information, industrial organization Microeconomics
Natalia Zinovyeva
Professor, Aalto
Labour economics, economics of education, economics of science and innovation Labor Economics
Name Fields of interest Research Group
Marja-Liisa Halko
University Lecturer, UoH
- Public economics
Mikko Mustonen
Senior university lecturer, Aalto
Economics of IT and IPR, open source, creative commons, networks Industrial Organization, Microeconomics
Staffan Ringbom
University Lecturer, Hanken
- Industrial Organization
Juha Tervala
University Lecturer, UoH
International macroeconomics, monetary policy, fiscal policy Macroeconomics
Name Fields of interest Research Group
Bernd Funovits
Post-doc, UoH
Time series analysis, econometrics, macroeconometrics Econometrics
Mats Godenhielm
Post-doc, UoH
- Microeconomics, Industrial Organization
Daniel Hauser
Post-doc, Aalto
Microeconomic theory, economics of information Microeconomics
Simone Maxand
Post-doc, UoH
- Econometrics
Milla Nyyssölä
Post-doc, Aalto
- Development Economics
Saara Hämäläinen
Post-doc, UoH
Information economics, competition economics, digital markets Microeconomics, Industrial Organization
Name Fields of interest Research Group
Constanza Biavaschi
University Researcher, UoH
Seppo Honkapohja
Visiting Professor, Aalto
Macroeconomics, expectations formation and learning Macroeconomics
Sixten Korkman
Senior Fellow, Aalto
Niku Määttänen
Research Fellow, Aalto
Macroeconomics, housing economics, public finance Macroeconomics
Osmo Soininvaara
Executive in Residence, Aalto
Antti Suvanto
Visiting Scholar, UoH
- Macroeconomics
Iivo Vehviläinen
Visiting Researcher, Aalto
Energy, Natural resources, Industrial organization Industrial Organization
Timo Autio PhD student, Aalto
Tolga Benzer PhD student, Aalto
Riku Buri PhD student, Aalto
Topi Hokkanen PhD student, Aalto
Ramin Izadi PhD student, Aalto
Jan Jääskeläinen PhD student, Aalto
Aino Kalmbach PhD student, Aalto
Aapo Kivinen PhD student, Aalto
Amin Mohazab PhD student, Aalto
Juuso Mäkinen PhD student, Aalto
Milla Nyyssölä PhD student, Aalto
Maarit Olkkola PhD student, Aalto
Aleksi Paavola PhD student, Aalto
Kimmo Palanne PhD student, Aalto
Julia Salmi PhD student, Aalto
Salla Simola PhD student, Aalto
Lassi Tervonen PhD student, Aalto
Claudia Troccoli PhD student, Aalto
Andrey Zhukov PhD student, Aalto
Cecilia Borgman PhD student, Hanken
Olga Neselevska PhD student, Hanken
Tuomas Nurminen PhD student, Hanken
Alexis Stevenson PhD student, Hanken
Katia Vozian PhD student, Hanken
Qiqi Zhang PhD student, Hanken
Shreya Basu PhD student, UoH
Lauro Carnicelli PhD student, UoH
Michele Crescenzi PhD student, UoH
Laura Jernström PhD student, UoH
Martti Kaila PhD student, UoH
Aliisa Koivisto PhD student, UoH
Kristine Koponen PhD student, UoH
Anustup Kundu PhD student, UoH
Janne Lehto PhD student, UoH
Annika Lindblad PhD student, UoH
Nino Lindström PhD student, UoH
Julia Niemeläinen PhD student, UoH
Anni Norring PhD student, UoH
Olli Matti Palmen PhD student, UoH
Teemu Pekkarinen PhD student, UoH
Juho Peltonen PhD student, UoH
Ville Pikkarainen PhD student, UoH
Jorge Soria Ruiz-Ogarrio PhD student, UoH
Mikko Salonen PhD student, UoH
Saara Tuuli PhD student, UoH
Yi Zheng PhD student, UoH
Oskari Nokso-Koivisto Project Manager, Aalto