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Joshua Magero Otieno (WIDER)

  • Ethnicity, Politics and Household Wellbeing in Kenya

  • Abstract

    While the general perception of potential political favoritism in most sub-Saharan Africa anecdotally abounds, there is scarcity of studies documenting evidences of its existence, transmission mechanisms and effects. This study investigates the existence of ethnopolitical favoritism in regional wellbeing in Kenya. We explore the ethno-spatial trends in differentials in wellbeing between ethnic groups and/ regions perceived to be “powerful” and their “weaker” counterparts in a given political regime. We do this by difference-in-difference estimation technique utilizing the data from the Kenya Demographic and Health Surveys (1993-2014). Kenya provides an ideal case for this inquiry, given the non-random ethnography of her population which arguably has shaped the political constructs over the years. Preliminary results suggest that ethno-regional political power possession yields to better wellbeing outcomes.


    About the author

    Joshua Magero is a PhD candidate at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. His specialization is in Applied Economics. He is currently visiting United Nations University-World Institute of Development and Economics Research as a PhD fellow. He holds a Bachelor of Economics and Statistics degree and Master of Economics (Econometrics) of Kenyatta University, Kenya. His research interests include distributive politics, education, labor markets, inequality and discrimination/exclusion.


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