VATT Seminar

Meltem Daysal (University of Southern Denmark)

  • TBA

  • Location:
    Economicum building, VATT's 4th floor meeting room
  • Address:
    Helsinki, Arkadiankatu 7
Other upcoming seminars

23 Sep 2019

Lunch Seminar

Loan officer incentives in microfinance – a field experiment

  • Miri Stryjan
  • Ben-Gurion

24 Sep 2019

Environmental Economics

The Regulatory Challenge of Restricting Participation to Limit Environmentally Undesirable Production Growth (joint with Atle Oglend)

  • Vesa-Heikki Soini
  • Hanken School of Economics

25 Sep 2019

Time Series

Identifying Factor-Augmented Vector Autoregression Models via Changes in Shock Variances

  • Yohei Yamamoto
  • Hitotsubashi

25 Sep 2019

Industrial Organization

Privacy Regulation and Quality Investment (with Ying Lei Toh)

  • Yassine Lefouili
  • Tolouse School of Economics

26 Sep 2019

VATT Seminar

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Neighbors’ Effects on University Enrollment

  • Andres Barrios Fernandez
  • VATT

27 Sep 2019



  • Tarun Ramadorai
  • ICL

30 Sep 2019

Lunch Seminar

Islamic Schools and Educational Attainment

  • Tolga Benzer
  • Aalto University

1 Oct 2019

Labor and Public

Optimal taxation of capital income with heterogeneous rates of return

  • Aart Gerritsen
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam

2 Oct 2019

Industrial Organization


  • Yossi Spiegel
  • Tel Aviv

4 Oct 2019


Delegation of Financial Decisions (with Martin Holmén, Felix Holzmeister, Michael Kirchler and Matthias Stefan)

  • Erik Wengström
  • Lund University and Hanken School of Economics

7 Oct 2019

When the market for data reveal too much – coordination to avoid transparency under the guise of competition policy

  • Heli Koski

9 Oct 2019

Industrial Organization

Industrial Organization Student Presentations

  • open