• Microeconomics PhD Workshop

  • Program

    9.30–10.30 Teemu Pekkarinen: ”Equilibrium price and advertisement distributions”

    10.30–11.00 Jorge Soria: “Cryptocurrency Mining Pools”

    11.00–11.30 Topi Hokkanen: “Regulatory competition and carbon leakage”

    11.30–12.30 Andrej Zhukov: “Agency problem and the dynamic allocation of effort between competing projects”

    12.30 -> Lunch


    Please send Klaus Kultti a note to book a slot, 30 minutes for a research proposal or work in progress presentation, or an hour for a paper presentation


  • Location:
    Economicum building, seminar room 1
  • Address:
    Helsinki, Arkadiankatu 7
Klaus Kultti

University of Helsinki

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