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  • Industrial Organization PhD Workshop

  • Program

    10.00 Alexis Stevenson, proposal, “The impact of patent system integration: a counterfactual analysis of the Unitary Patent”, presentation 30 min, discussion 10 min.

    10.40 Mohazab Amin, proposal, “Is it possible for miners to manipulate transaction prices in the Bitcoin Payment System?”

    11.20 Olga Neselevska, paper, “Do Expiring Budgets Lead to Uncompetitive and Inefficient Year-End Public Procurement? Evidence from Ukraine”

    12.00 Andrey Zhukov, proposal, “Optimal search for the best alternative with agency”

    12.40-13.50 Lunch break

    13.50 Sara Yasar, paper, “Bank Liquidity Creation and Technological Innovation”, comments Tuomas Takalo

    14.50 -16.00 Break,  Labor and public economics seminar,  A B Fernandez “Siblings’ Effects on College and Major Choice: Evidence from Chile, Croatia and Sweden

    16.00 Aleksi Paavola, proposal, “Investor monitoring of money market funds: evidence and implications of decreased money-likeness”

    16.40 Jan Jääskeläinen, proposal, “Entry in Public Procurement: Evidence from Finland”

    17.20 The End


    To receive the papers and proposals, contact mikko.mustonen (at)

  • Location:
    10.12. Economicum building (Töölö), seminar room 2
  • Address:
    Helsinki, Arkadiankatu 7
Private: Mikko Mustonen

Aalto University

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