How to enroll?

How to enroll in the Aalto University’s, University of Helsinki’s and Hanken School of Economics’ master- and doctoral-level courses in economics


Master’s and PhD degree students in Economics at Aalto University School of Business, University of Helsinki and Hanken School of Economics (Helsinki Graduate School of Economics member universities) are allowed to take master- and doctoral-level courses in economics at the three universities mentioned before.

If you haven’t applied for the study rights or you haven’t been granted the study rights and IT access yet, don’t panic! You can start the courses starting next week and register for the courses later.

Please note that if you don’t have IT access to the course host university’s IT systems you may not have access to the IT platforms (Mycourses, Moodle) from where the course material can be downloaded. Please ask help for your class mates who have access to the materials.

How to register for these courses:

  • Master and doctoral students in economics at the course host university (Aalto University/Hanken School of Economics/University of Helsinki):
    • Can register for the course normally via host university’s WebOodi.
  • Master and doctoral students in economics at the other two HelsinkiGSE member universities (also Aalto’s and UH’s exchange students)
    • Can apply for a study right for all the courses included in the HelsinkiGSE cooperation at once by filling in the online form.
    • The right to complete the courses will be granted for two years (or the duration of the exchange period).
    • After the student has been given the study rights and instructions for activating IT-access, (s)he must register for the courses in the host university’s WebOodi.
    • With the host university’s username and password (IT-access) (s)he can also access host university’s teaching platforms (Mycourses, Moodle etc.) and other IT environment.
    • Students are advised to apply the study right at least three weeks before autumn/spring semester.
  • All the other doctoral students:
    • For example other doctoral students at the FDPE member universities (excluding HelsinkiGSE doctoral students)
    • and doctoral students majoring in other disciplines than economics at the Aalto University, Hanken School of Economics and University of Helsinki
    • need to apply a study right for the course by sending a message to and by providing following information:
      • List of the courses one wants to take
      • First name(s)
      • Family name
      • Social security number (or birthday if you don’t have the Finnish social security number yet). As soon as you have received your Finnish Identity Code you are obliged to inform the university about it.
      • Home university
      • Student ID number at home university
      • Major
      • Doctoral or master student
      • Mobilephone number
      • E-mail address that you use regularly
      • Home address
      • Postal code
      • City
      • Gender
      • Nationality
  • This data is required by the host university in order to create a study right and to register the student’s course credits in the university’s data base and also to communicate with the participants. The data will not be used for any other purposes. After you have been given the study right and instructions for activating your IT-access, register for the course in Aalto WebOodi. With the Aalto username and password (IT-access) you can also access Aalto’s teaching platform (Mycourses) and other IT environment.

Register for the exams held in Aalto university also in Aalto’s Weboodi.


How the credits are registered in the student’s home university’s study register:

  • When the examiner has evaluated the students’s course performance, the grades are registered in the study register of the course’s host university.
  • If the student is studying at one of the HelsinkiGSE member universities (other than the host university) Economics as her/his major, the credits are transferred automatically to the universities’ study registers.
  • All the other students must ask for a transcript of records from the course host university in order to transfer the credits to their home university. The approval of the credit transfer is done according to home university’s procedures.
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