Helsinki GSE Master’s programs offer a wide selection of courses covering all the main fields of economics. Our courses enable our students to learn the essential core of economics at an advanced level, while providing them with the possibility to tailor their education according to their specific interests.

Helsinki GSE students can take economics courses from each of the three Helsinki GSE universities: Aalto University, Hanken School of Economics and University of Helsinki. Academic year 2021-2022 courses will be listed below as soon as the course schedules are published in the Sisu (UH and Aalto).

Please confirm the correctness of the course information from the course host university’s study register Sisu/WebOodi and check which courses are included in your home university’s curriculum. All the PhD students are advised to contact their supervisors to be sure that the course credit can be counted toward their degree. Links to the curriculums of Master’s Programs at the Helsinki GSE member universities are listed here:

  • Introduction to Causal Inference (0 cr)

    This mini-course is designed to prepare students for economics field courses using modern methods for causal inference. The primary target group are master students who have not yet taken Applied Microeconometrics I (31E00910) and are planning to take courses where knowledge of basic microeconometric methods is a prerequisite (e.g. labor, development and public economics, economic history). It should NOT be interpreted as a substitute for 31E00910 — which we strongly encourage all students to take — but as an incomplete first aid for students who would otherwise struggle in the field courses.

    The course consists of eight 45 minute lectures given at the Otaniemi campus just before the start of the term (Sept, 9-10th). The lectures will be recorded, but we hope to be able to accommodate 20-30 students in class (subject to COVID-19 restrictions). The lectures are voluntary and students will not receive course marking/ ECTS credit points for participation.

    Registration: please send an email to Jenni Rytkönen firtsname.lastname(without dots) no later than September 5th, 2021. No official registration in Sisu.

    Course material: more information will be send by e-mail after registering for the course (by August 6th at the latest)

    Place: Espoo, Ekonominaukio 1, lecture hall V001, Jenny ja Antti Wihurin rahasto (subject to COVID-19 restrictions) and/or recorded videos


    Thursday, September 9th

    10.15-11.00: Causality
    11.15-12.00: Statistical inference

    lectured by Matti Sarvimäki


    13.15-14.00: RCTs
    14.15-15.00: Non-compliance

    lectured by Miri Stryjan

    Friday, September 10th

    10.15-11.00: Differences-in-differences I
    11.15-12.00: Differences-in-differences II

    lectured by Ciprian Domnisoru


    13.15-14.00: Instrumental variables
    14.15-15.00: Regression discontinuity designs

    lectured by Kristiina Huttunen

    • Instructor: Ciprian Domnisoru
    • Instructor: Kristiina Huttunen
    • Instructor: Matti Sarvimäki
    • Instructor: Miri Stryjan
    • Organizer: Aalto University
    • Format: lecture
    • Course codes
      Aalto: no code
      Hanken: no code
      UH: no code
    • Target: PhD MSc rMSc
    • Time: 9 Sep 2021 – 10 Sep 2021
  • Math Camp 2021

    Please note that, if you happen to find conflicting information between this page and Aalto University’s WebOodi/Sisu, consider WebOodi/Sisu the primary source of information.

    This course is an introduction to the mathematical concepts needed to read and produce economics research. The aim is to develop the basic methodological skills required to analyze and apply economic theory and econometric techniques to the problems they will study throughout the program. The key topics covered include:

    • Analysis: Implicit function theorem, convex/concave functions, fixed point theory, separating hyperplanes, envelope theorem
    • Constrained and Unconstrained Optimization: Unconstrained optimization (1st+2nd order conditions), Con-strained Optimization (Lagrange Multiplies, Karush Kuhn Tucker Conditions), Berge’s Maximum Theorem
    • Probability: basic concepts (moments, independence, conditional probabil-ity), law of large numbers, central limit theorem, frequentist inference


    • Host university: Aalto University
    • Instructor: Daniel Hauser
    • Time: 23. – 2.9.2021, 3.9. exam, see the schedule below (the course will be given remotely)
    • Registration for the course: register for the course in Sisu (registration begins Aug 9th)
      • Students at Aalto University:
        • Please register for the course officially in Aalto’s Sisu: please see the instructions here
        • If you are not an economics student (rMSc or PhD) and the course can’t be found your study structure, please enter the course as an optional course in your primary study plan, so that you can proceed to register for it.
      • Students at the University of Helsinki, Hanken and other FDPE universities:
        • To be able to register for the course officially and complete the course, you must apply for a study right for the course, see How to Enroll? (deadline for the study right application: August 15th, 2020)
        • The day after your study right has been registered, you will be created a digital identity (Aalto IT account and username) and you will receive a message informing you how to activate your IT account. The message is sent to the email address you have given in the application.
        • Please note that you must also register for the course officially in Aalto’s Sisu  with your Aalto username. The instructions can be found here.
    • Course material: After registering for the course log into the course workspace at Aalto MyCourses with your Aalto username to get access to the course material.
    • If you have trouble in registration and/or signing into MyCourses, please contact Helsinki GSE’s coordinator Jenni Rytkönen (on vacation in July)



    • The course includes 24 hours of lectures, 8 hours of exercises and a final exam for those who want to complete the course; the final exam is mandatory for Aalto students



    Mon 23.08.21 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00
    Tue 24.08.21 10:00-12:00 and  13:00-15:00
    Wed 25.08.21 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00
    Thu 26.08.21 10:00-12:00

    Mon 30.08.21 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00
    Tue 31.08.21 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00
    Wed 01.09.21 10:00-12:00



    Thu 26.08.21 13:00-15:00
    Fri 27.08.21 10:00-12:00

    Wed 01.09.21 13:00-15:00
    Thu 02.09.21 10:00-12:00



    Fri 3.9. 10-12


    • Instructor: Daniel Hauser
    • Organizer: Aalto University
    • Course Homepage: WebOodi
    • Credits: Aalto 3 cr
    • Format: lecture
    • Course codes
      Aalto: ECON-E6000
      Hanken: no code (please check if the course can be included in your curriculum)
      UH: no code (please check if the course can be included in your curriculum)
    • Target: PhD MSc rMSc
    • Time: 23 Aug 2021 – 3 Sep 2021