Math Camp (ECON-E6000)

June 17, 2020

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Method of completion: self study material includes pre-recorded lecture videos and contact teaching (live sessions will not be streamed)



  • Can be found on the course Sisu page
  • Place: Economicum building (Arkadiankatu 7), seminar room 3-4
  • Please note the exception to the schedule: on Wednesday, August 31, lectures will be held from 9-11 (not 10-12)


Study material:

  • Please familiarize yourself with the self study material before the course begins:
    • Dropbox link (in case you don’t have the password, please contact Jenni Rytkönen, jenni.rytkonen [at], in the beginning of August)
  • After registering for the course study material can be found in the MyCourses learning platform
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  • In Aalto’s Sisu with Aalto username
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    • You must have a valid right to study at the course host university
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  • Analysis: Implicit function theorem, convex/concave functions, fixed point theory, separating hyperplanes, envelope theorem
  • Optimization: Unconstrained optimization (1st+2nd order conditions), Con-strained Optimization (Lagrange Multiplies, Karush Kuhn Tucker Conditions), Berge’s Maximum Theorem
  • Probability: basic concepts (moments, independence, conditional probabil-ity), law of large numbers, central limit theorem, frequentist inference